What Is Voice Vibrato And
How Can You Master It?

Do you want to develop a classy voice vibrato?

Vibrato is a highly sought after skill. It’s like the icing on top of a cake. It makes your voice sound so much sweeter and sophisticated.

So what exactly is vibrato?

Well, there are many complicated explanations being told, but when it comes down to it, it’s quite simple.

Vibrato is simply an oscillation between two pitches. For example, if you were singing an A and then you went to A# and then back to A, back to A# and then to A again…

… And if you were to do this quickly, this oscillation between A and A# will be vibrato. A good vibrato will cycle from A to A# around 5 to 6 times per second.

Let’s do a few vibrato exercises to get you feeling what it’s like to produce voice vibrato…

Firstly, I want you to do a simple vibrato the way I described above.

Just choose a note that’s easy for you to sing. Sing this note, and then jump to the note above, and then back down again.

Just cycle through nice and slowly. Keep things easy.

When you’ve got a good rhythm, try to speed it up a bit. See if you can get the cycle going at around three times a second.

Can you get even faster?

The big secret is to simply play with this as much as you can. The more you practice this “slow” vibrato, the more you will get a feel for it, and the easier it will be to speed it up.

Another exercise you can do is place your hand in between your belly button and lower ribs, and gently, “pump” your hand, pushing in and out. Do this at a rate of 4-5 times a second as you sing a note, and you will hear your voice “vibrato”.

These exercises are really just to get started understanding your vibrato, how it feels, and where it comes from.

If you want to develop a really amazing vibrato, there are many voice vibrato exercises in the singing course on this page.

Just a few of these exercises will get you doing a classy vibrato in no time.

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