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After teaching thousands of singers for over 25 years (including many big stars), the type of free singing tips I like best are the quick little fixes that get results immediately. 

This is why below you will find some of the best little tweaks, tips, and fixes that will get more out of your singing straight away. 

It's amazing how fast you can improve with these tips! 

Enjoy :-) 

A Singing Tip I Learned From Frank Sinatra

First up is one of the best tips I've learned in my entire career. I picked it up from Frank Sinatra. Watch this video for the tip and for the full article, click here.

A Quick Tip To Help You Sing Higher

Next is a tip that will help you sing your higher notes easier. Singing beautiful high notes is one of the most compelling things you can do for the audience. 

Watch the video below to learn how, and click here for an expanded tutorial

How To Sing Better In 5 Minutes

Here's an exercise that can help you sound better almost instantly! 

For the full article on how to sing better in 5 minutes, click here. 

How To Sing Falsetto Better

The next free singing tips is about singing with a falsetto type quality, but in a way that is safe. This way you can get those lovely airy qualities without burning out your voice over time. 

Watch the video below to learn how, and for the full tutorial click here

How To Sing Like A Pro Instantly

In this quick tip I'll show you how you can "isolate" so you're removing the muscles that are blocking your voice. This is a way you can quickly improve the quality of your voice! Click here for the full singing lesson. 

How To Sing In Head Voice

It's important to understand the difference between your chest voice, mixed voice, and head voice. So check out this tip to see where your head voice fits into the picture. 

And click here for the full tutorial. 

How To Sing With More Control

In this lesson I show you how you can get more control over your voice. In particular you will learn how to be able to turn your vibrato on and off at will! 

To view the full lesson on how to sing with more control, click here. 

How To Sing Your High Notes With Power

This next tip is for those singers who ask if you can sing falsetto with power. This really help you get those high notes with a fuller, more powerful sound. As well as keep you from blowing out your voice! 

For an expanded tutorial on this, click here: How to sing falsetto with power

A Singing Exercise To Improve Your Tone Quality

This next tip is about where your tone comes from and how you can get the best sound out of your voice. I love this because when you "get" this one it really frees your voice up and turns it into a beautiful instrument. 

Watch the video below for the tip and for the full article click below:

A Singing Exercise To Improve Your Tone Quality

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