Nail Every Live Performance
With These Free Singing Tips

As performance is a big part of singing, I thought I would share a few free singing tips that will help you leave the audience stunned, and wanting more! Let's get started....

Tip 1

I always say this, because it's important, for any singer. Warm up your voice! Find a nice quite space where you can be alone. Begin with some humming in your easy range.

Then, move onto some lip rolls, and begin to move into your mixed and head registers. Also, sing a few scales on the word "mum" to help the larynx feel nice and relaxed.

Warming up the voice before a performance will give you confidence. It will also make you sound much better!

Free singing tips, tip 2

It's a great idea to develop or purchase a warm-up CD. All you need is a CD with a short scale, and a long scale.

This way you can begin to hit pitches and feel comfortable with your voice before you take to the stage.

If you get really nervous before a performance, the best medicine is to have a good warm up. Also, try and take every opportunity to sing in front of people.

Ask your friends and family to listen to you frequently. This will help you get used to singing in front of an audience.

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Free singing tips, tip 3

If you’re sitting back stage and feeling sick at the thought of going on, invite a friend back stage, and give them a demo performance.

Ask them if it's sounding any good. The chances are, you will be sounding better than you think, and your friend will tell you this! It will give you the confidence to go onstage and perform.

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Free singing tips, tip 4

Always remember, no one performs completely free of nerves. Even those singers who perform every night of their lives feel nervous before the performance.

The best thing you can do to avoid feeling nervous, is to perform as much as you can! You will get used to taking the stage and the nerves will decrease (but never disappear completely).

Learn a singing technique that will give you confidence

If your singing technique is good, you will feel more confidence because you know it's going to sound good! Confidence in your technique will result in a much better performance.

What do you do when you have that dreaded bad vocal day?

Every singer has bad days. Remember, you are a human instrument made of flesh and blood. It's normal for a singer to have one of those days where the voice just doesn't function like you want it to.

On these days, you need to deliver the performance with passion. A passionate performance will be more appealing than a technically perfect performance any day of the week.

Always remember, music is about expression and feeling. You are up there to communicate an idea with your audience. So add that passion to your performance.

They will feel your emotion, your pain, your joy. This is what makes a truly great performance...

...The ability to make your audience understand the emotion behind the song.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, having great technique will make you sound great, even on your bad days!

Take these free singing tips and apply them to your performance. Standing up on that stage is a great feeling, and listening to that thunderous applause afterward, is even better! I hope these tips help you enjoy that thunderous applause as much as I have.....

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