Hitting the High Notes

by Daithi
(Dublin, Ireland)

I want to sing a few Coldplay songs but Chris Martin always throws in at least one high note which I can't reach.

I think he does it on purpose :)

Answer From Editor

Hi Daithi, thanks for your question!

Yes, as a singer one of the most desired skills is to be able to hit the high notes beautifully.

Now, in that last sentence there is a very important distinction to make.

And that is that hitting the high notes is a "skill".

A "skill" is a very different thing than a "talent".

Skills can be learned.

And you can certainly learn to hit your high notes.

So how do you do this?

Well the first thing to note is that being able to hit high notes without straining or pushing is a sign of good vocal technique.

You simply cannot hit high notes without straining if you don't have good technique.

(Well actually, you can hit high notes in "falsetto" without much technique, but you'll never get the power or tone as hitting them in a "connected voice".)

So the first step to singing your high notes with great tone and power is to get your swallowing muscles to sit still when you sing.

In the video section of this website you'll find several videos to help you do this.

What happens when your swallowing muscles aren't interfering in the process, is your vocal cords are able to form different coordination's as you sing higher.

They actually come together so they are shorter in length for the higher notes, much like when you "fret" a guitar string to shorten it for a higher note.

Of course this takes practice and patience, but it's well worth it!

Hitting an amazing high note in front of an audience is an exhilarating experience to say the least!

I hope these tips and the videos will help you to hit your high notes, and have you singing those Coldplay songs in no time!

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