How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist

In this video you'll learn how to sing live your favorite artist, but in your own way so you still seem unique and special to the audience.

The Great Thing About Taking Inspiration
From Your Favorite Singers

You most likely love some singers because the sound of their voice. And the little stylistic techniques they use to make each song special.

When you listen closely to them and begin to adapt some of these techniques, it's a beautiful thing. Because you're adding flavor and style to your singing, but you won't sound exactly like them. The way your voice is put together is different to every other voice on the planet.

This means that you have a 100% unique tone quality that no one else can get.

So when you are being influenced by your favorite singers, you are essentially using some of their tricks and techniques, but doing it with your own unique sound.

In the video above you'll see me demonstrate this by singing an Elton John song. His voice is different to mine, so it gives the audience something very different. Yet I'm still singing Elton's words and using the same style as he sung the original in.

This Is How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist

The best advice is to listen to a lot of singers. Find the ones you like. Find the ones you love.

Take little pieces from each singer and try them on your voice. Find out what works and discard what doesn't.

Pretty soon the result will be a completely unique style that is influenced from your favorite singers, but that doesn't sound like them.

Play around with this and see how you go!

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