Singing Exercises To Improve Your Voice From Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra had a great tip for a singing exercise to improve your voice. 

He mentioned it in a HBO documentary called "All Or Nothing At All" where he discussed a period of his life when he was taking singing lessons three times a week. 

Watch this video where I explain this great tip and how it can improve your voice. 

You Can't Let Your Sound Fall Back Into Your Throat

As you heard me demonstrate in the video, it's very important to not let your sound fall back into your throat when you sing. 

This is what Frank Sinatra knew was crucial to his singing. And when you hear him sing you will see him demonstrate this beautifully. 

Keep Your Sound In "The Mask"

When you keep your sound up in your "mask" you will have so much more control over it, and your tone quality is going to be much better. 

Also, you won't wear your voice out. You see, when your voice starts falling back into your throat you are bound to start using your swallowing muscles and moving your voice box around. 

When this happen, your voice is going to get very sore over time. 

A Tip To Keep Your Voice Out Of Your Throat

A nice little tip you can use to keep your voice out of your throat and up in the mask is to put your hands on your cheeks. Then as you sing, concentrate on focussing your sound above your cheeks. 

Practise this for a while and you will get great awareness as to when your sound is falling back, and you will be able to keep it in your mask much more easily. 

And be sure to listen to a few Frank Sinatra performances! Notice how he has that beautiful crisp tone quality. When you keep in mind everything we've just discussed, you'll almost be able to hear how his voice is focussed into his mask, and not falling back. 

This is a very effective singing exercise to improve your voice, so be sure to play around with it! 

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