Singing Low Notes?

by kevin
(oak park, michigan, united states of america)

Hi, my biggest singing struggle is singing my low notes clearly and with power.

From The Editor

Hey Kevin this is a great question. Singing low notes is often ignored by singers because they are more concerned with perfecting their high notes!

But getting your low notes right is just as important for the song, so let's get to it.

There's one bad habit that even the great singers can slip into at times... and that's letting your sound fall back into your throat when you go for the low notes.

The problem with this is it instantly engages your swallowing muscles, which are not designed to be part of the singing process.

When your swallowing muscles engage, they limit your tone quality, limit your vocal range, and just make singing very difficult!

So you want to be singing with your swallowing muscles sitting perfectly still.

Only when you do this can you really reach your full potential as a singer.

Now when you're singing low notes, it's much easier for your sound to fall back into your throat and cause these problems.

The reason is because you're sort of "directing your body" towards the note.

Just like when singers go for their high notes, they can tend to "reach up"... singers can "sing down" to their low notes which causes the sound to drop back into the throat.

So how to fix this?

Well, two things. Firstly you can put your hands on your cheeks when you are singing, and focus on keeping your sound above your cheeks.

This is going to ensure your sound doesn't drop back into your throat.

The other thing you can do is, when you're going for a lower note, you can "think" to yourself that you're singing "up" for that note.

I know it sounds a little strange!

But what this does is offsets the urge to sing "down" to the note.

Try this, as it works like magic!

And good luck with getting those thunderous low notes!

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