Singing Style Techniques - Master Your Licks, Runs, And Trills

Adding some style into your singing can really help you connect to the audience and give them something new and fresh.

A great way of doing this is to develop the ability to sing using riffs and runs.

By tastefully adding a little riff here, a run there you can really give your song some flair and excitement.

The question is, how do you do them?

Watch the video below for some easy singing style techniques that sound great:

Some People Find Riffs And Runs More Natural Than Others

One of my clients, Brandy is a natural. From a young age she could effortlessly fly through the most impressive riffs and runs without breaking a sweat.

Others though, find them more difficult in the beginning.

But make no mistake, if this is you it's still very possible to get really good at them over time!

How To Do Spectacular Riffs And Runs

In the video above I take you through an exercise that will both train your voice to do riffs and runs, as well as improve your vocal technique.

As you watch the exercise you'll notice I demonstrate it while holding my hands on my cheeks.

Singing style techniquesHolding your hands on your cheeks helps you focus your sound into your forehead. This will help you practice and perfect your riffs and runs much more easily.

This is a really good way to help you focus on where you're maintaining your sound.

The goal is to keep it focused above your cheeks, because it makes it impossible for it to fall back into your throat.

It's Your Vocal Chords That Make The Note Changes

It's important to remember while practicing the exercise, that it's your vocal chords that make the note changes.

Many singers get their whole bodies involved when doing licks, riffs, and runs.

You may have seen singers moving their jaws all over the place when doing a run or a lick.

Practicing the exercise in the video above though, will train you to do your riffs and runs keeping your jaw and swallowing muscles nice and still.

Then your vocal chords are free to make all the note changes.

Over time this will give you much more freedom in your voice, which also leads to an increase in range and improvement in tone quality.

Finish With The Thumb Under The Jaw Technique

Thumb under jaw techniquePractice singing style techniques with your thumb under your jaw. This helps you know when your swallowing muscles are interferring in the singing process.

When you've been practicing for a while, focused on keeping your sound above your cheeks, try doing it with your thumb under your jaw.

Doing this allows you to feel when your swallowing muscles are coming down.

If you can practice without these muscles engaging you are on the right track to having excellent singing technique.

And for a complete free video series on singing style techniques and much more, click here.

So enjoy the exercise and before long you'll be dazzling the audience with irresistible style!

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