Singing With A Breathy Tone

by Giselle
(Santa Rosa, CA, USA)

I'm trying to sing and I just suddenly lose my voice and get a very breathy tone. This happens especially while I try to reach high notes.

From The Editor

Hi Giselle and thank you for your question.

This is quite a common problem, and you can definitely overcome it!

Once you do you'll find singing will become a lot easier too.

You see, singing in a breathy tone can be very tiring, and will also damage the voice over time.

You can actually hear this in a few famous singers (I won't mention here), where for years they've been singing with a breathy tone and it's beginning to catch up to them.

So first, congratulations for noticing this and wanting to correct it.

For some singers, they see this "breathy" tone as part of their style. And they will refuse to try and adjust.

But by making the adjustment you'll find you'll be able to get even better tone, sing over a larger range, and find singing to be much more effortless.


So how can you correct this problem?

Well there are a few exercises that will really help.

Firstly the "lip roll" exercise. You will find a video of this one on the videos page on this website.

This is a great one because it helps to balance out the air vs muscle you use when you sing.

Practicing this exercise going up through your vocal range is really going to help strike a balance so the breathyness disappears.

Other exercises you can try is replacing the words to a song with things like "gug" or "mom".

These "closed" sounding words will once again help you to get that balance so your tone is a good balance of air and vocal cord pressure.

I hope these tips help you sing with a more balanced voice! Be sure to watch some of the videos on this website as you'll get many valuable singing tips to keep you on a road of continual improvement.

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