Singing With A Nasal voice

I have always had sinus problems and a nasally voice. Though I have improved the sinus issue, my singing still sounds very nasally and lacks fullness of tone.

How can I overcome this?

From The Editor

Thank you for your message.

This problem of sounding nasal is being caused by the placement of your tone. It sounds as if you're placing the tone in your nasal passages.

When your tone is placed more correctly you'll find your tone will become much more balanced and full.

To work on your placement if you put your hands on your cheeks and focus on hearing the sound above your cheeks. Instead of focusing the sound in your nose area you should try and hear the sound in the middle of your forehead.

Obviously it's difficult to discuss placement in text, but if you watch the videos on this website you'll find exercises that will help you improve at this.

A second thing you can do to help you improve is to record yourself singing as much as possible. This will give you a realistic idea of how balanced your sound is.

And strangely enough, just by listening you'll find yourself automatically making corrections.

The ultimate is to be able to wear headphones as you're recording. If you can do this you'll be able to play with your tone as you're practicing and will find it much easier to balance it.

Hope these tips help and good luck with your singing!

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