Great Vocal Coaching Will Lead You
To An Outstanding Singing Voice

There is vocal coaching that can cause dramatic improvements in your voice very quickly. There is also vocal instruction that will only install bad technique in your voice. Which are you practicing right now?

Would you like to learn how you can develop an outstanding singing voice? And learn how to do this in the quickest time possible?

Good vocal coaching is a very important factor in how fast you can develop your singing voice. You need a coach who has a deep understanding of how the voice works. And also, your vocal coach must know exactly how to get your voice to behave in this way.

Singing well is actually easy, when you know how. The point of vocal coaching is exactly that. To show you how to sing correctly so you can achieve the goal of singing well.

So, what form of vocal coaching is the most effective?

Well, let me tell you something quite surprising.

There are hundreds of different methods of singing out there. The strange thing is, there is only actually one correct way to sing.

It’s true that many voices sound different from one another. They have different sound character, different vocal ranges, different tonal qualities, and sing in different styles too.

But the underlying mechanics of the singing process is the same.

And good coaching will train your voice to operate in this one, correct way.

Once you have mastered singing correctly you are then free to explore different styles, etc. You can investigate the wide palate of sounds that your voice is capable of. But before you can do this you need to understand and master the big picture first.

Things like…

  • holding your larynx in the correct (central) position when you sing
  • Keeping your vocal chords holding together throughout your entire range.
  • Balancing your resonance to keep your tone balanced

If you are doing the basics right, your singing will feel easy, your tone will sound great, and you will be able to sing with a large vocal range.

Here’s the thing.

Many singers struggle with the things that I’ve just discussed. They don’t do the basics well, and it’s not their fault. The sad fact is that not all singing coaching will give you the solid foundation that you need to sing at your best.

That’s the reason that so many singers have trouble with their vocal range, vocal tension, tonality problems, tuning problems… you know the list!

There is a method of singing that will however give you the foundation you need to develop your singing to the highest level. This vocal coaching will re-program your voice to operate in the correct way, in fast time.

There are certain exercises that can train your voice to operate in this way. Many vocal coaches don’t know about these exercises, or don’t understand their purpose.

These vocal exercises are available in an excellent vocal program available online. This program gives you a systematic approach to singing that will build an excellent foundation for you to spring from. I experienced large improvements in my voice using these exercises, such as a dramatic increase in my range, much better tone quality (it was already pretty good, but with these exercises…wow!), and singing is now much more effortless. 

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If you are interested in vocal coaching that will get you very good, fast results, be sure to investigate the vocal coaching program on this page. It will give you the tools you need to master your singing. Enjoy!

About The Author

Roger Burnley - Vocal CoachRoger Burnley - Vocal Coach

Roger Burnley is a vocal coach located in Hollywood, California. He has been teaching the voice for over 30 years and singing for even longer than that. 

Notable past and present clients include Macy Gray, Brandy, Ray J, The Beastie Boys, James Torme, Taylor Lautner, Nona Gaye, and many more.

His clients have collectively sold more than 30 million albums, with several reaching Platinum and Gold status. 

Roger has been featured on VH1, TV Guide Channel, TV One,
and MTV appearing as a vocal expert.

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