The Most Effective Vocal Cord 
Adduction Exercises

Vocal cord adduction exercises are the most powerful way of increasing your vocal range.

"Vocal cord adduction" means that your vocal cords actually "shorten", thus leaving less of the vocal cord vibrating as you sing.

As there is less area of the vocal cord vibrating, it's much easier for the cords to vibrate faster. This is a technique that is used by every singer that can hit extremely high notes easily. Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Jeff Buckley... These singers have magnificent vocal ranges because their vocal cords are efficient at shortening as they move up their vocal range.

Where can you find the most effective vocal cord adduction exercises?

I'll show you in a moment, but first, I'd like to tell you a very important thing you should know if you want to extend your vocal range.

You need to know this, because if you don't, the best vocal adduction exercises won't help you.

What I'm talking about s learning to *let go* of your voice as you cross your first bridge (which is the point where you first adduct your vocal cords).

Learn vocal cord adduction exercises

You see, trying to "hold onto" that sensation in your throat as you sing higher will make it impossible to "cross the bridge" and move into your higher registers.

It seems like it's necessary to feel some sensation in the throat at all times when you sing. But as counter-intuitive it is, you need to *let go* and actually allow your voice to *lift* up into your head.

This piece of knowledge will help you increase your range quickly and easily. Especially with the incredibly powerful vocal cord adduction exercises I'm about to show you.

These very exercises helped me develop a very impressive, powerful and crystal clear upper range.

You can do it too. Click here to find out how.

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