Vocal Projection Exercises...
Discover The Power!

Which vocal projection exercises are going to help you develop power in your voice? Exercises that make your sound literally float out of your head. And not just float a little way...

... ROAR, far into the distance! This is what every singer wants and needs. And with the right training, strength and power is yours.

But... first...

Pay attention to the...


You must never yell.Yelling is simply not singing. And the consequences for yelling are grave. I know because I have suffered these consequences.

Many vocal instructors will try and get you to shout or yell to get extra volume and power. This is a attempted 'short cut' that won't get you anywhere. If anything, you will damage your voice.

Singing teacher explains about vocal projection exercises

Yelling or, 'forcing the voice' is the no.1 cause of vocal nodules. Once this has happened you need an operation to fix them. So...

... No yelling please!

Where Does The Power Come From?

So far we have talked about how not to increase your power. Now let's talk about how we can achieve the ultimate vocal projection. We can do this by comparing a note of average volume to a note of high volume.

When you sing a note of average volume, your vocal chords will hold back the air for a very brief moment, and then open. The air is then 'let through' the vocal chords at a certain air pressure.

For a louder note though, the vocal chords hold back the air for a longer time They then open quickly... quicker than they would open for a note of lower volume. This means that the air pressure is higher than for a lower volume note.

This higher air pressure= a louder note!

Which leads us to an interesting point. You don't need more air to sing a louder note. Which is why I asked you in the beginning....

.... not to YELL!


You need to strengthen the muscles inside your larynx (your voice box) that hold your vocal chords together when you sing. Power and volume is achieved by the strengthening of these muscles.

They will be able to hold back air for a longer time, which will create greater air pressure, which will produce a louder note!

The Most Effective Vocal Projection Exercises

The most effective vocal projection exercises are outlined in the Singing Made Simple vocal program. This is a method which uses vocal projection exercises (amongst others) that train very specific muscles... the correct singing muscles for singing.

These are the same muscles that must be strengthened to get maximum volume and strength. They are known as the 'inner muscles of the larynx'.

Singing Made Simple also trains the incorrect singing muscles to sit still. These are the muscles that you use to swallow.

These 'outer muscles of the larynx' are the ones that cause vocal strain, make it difficult to hit high notes, and cause every other vocal difficulty you can think of!

The end result is a voice with amazing range, power, and tone. All produced with no vocal strain at all. The Singing Made Simple program has by far the best vocal projection exercises available.

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