Voice Cracks When
Singing High Notes?

For some reason, when I'm singing in my band, my voice cracks on some high notes... it didn't used to happen... it's worrying me...

From The Editor

Hi there and thank you for the great questions.

What you're experiencing believe it or not is quite common.

You see, many musicians and singers will sing for years with less than perfect technique.

And for a long time, everything seems great. You sound great. Your voice seems to be able to stretch to what you're trying to get from it.

Everything is fine and dandy.

Unfortunately over time this slow abuse on the voice catches up. All of a sudden you notice you can't get your high notes as easily.

You loose range. Your tone suffers...

What's going on, you wonder?

Don't worry, this happens to some of the most famous singers in the world.

It's a wake up call yes... but a priceless one.

It allows you to look at your voice and realize that you've got to keep growing and learning.

And ultimately, if you can accept this and work at your vocal technique, you'll end up better off than you ever were.

The riches of getting your voice technique in place are many...

... A larger vocal range... sweeter tone quality... effortless tone production... Getting through two hour gigs without loosing your voice or feeling sore afterwards...

So my best advice is to see this as an opportunity to realize you've still got room to grow.

Begin focusing on getting your vocal technique right.

A great place to start is by going through the singing exercises in the video section of this website.

Those exercises are all designed to get your voice functioning without strain or tension.

Work at this and then enjoy the benefits that will inevitably come! Good luck!

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