Water and Lemon

by Kayleta

Water and lemon doesn't taste very well but it sure does help your voice.

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Sep 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

Yeah! Drinking fluids and keeping your throat hydrated while singing is really helpful. Atleast I do that when I'm practising!(And I make it a point to do that while practising over Mariah Carey, Beyonce or Shakira songs.) Another thing worth trying is humming for as long as you can before singing.But please don't do it if you feel uncomfortable or you'll destroy your lovely voice before you even start.
Last but not the least, please have self-confidence. I had this friend who sang like a Crow (and danced like an elephant), but I encouraged her to sing, practise and try harder... And now she sings beautifully... And the best thing is that she gives me the credit when she gives a great performance! Remember-self-confidence and PRACTICE.

Jul 15, 2009
Is lemon good for the voice
by: Myracle Voise

Lemon may be good to clear the voice but on the other side, acid is not good for us. Imagine a singer always intaking lemon before a performance. Over a period of time, these acids builds up in our body and can lead to heart burns and it can eat away our teeth.

We have to understand that to have a clear voice, we can't cheat our way around it. I hate to say this but our voice just has to be clear. This means we have to get on a voice diet, cuting down any food that causes plhegm, like diary products, caffeine, candy, or very cold drink (may not cause plhegm but it shocks the voice). You don't have to completely eliminate them but just really cut them down.

And of course, it does make a difference. I've tried it and I know other "great" artists who does so and it really works.

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